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Wineries need ambassadors. They need them because in the world of wine the role of the wine sales rep has changed so much, partially because of Covid-19, causing many to be furloughed, but really because so often they are so overloaded and time-famished: many worthy wines are rarely presented to those who really would enjoy selling, offering or yes, buying the wine.

The role of the wine rep, at the distributor level, is to present the right wines to their customers, most of which are, or were, restaurants or retail shops and get the order. But let’s face it, they…

What’s Up Doc???……Events will be like what after Corona…The states “opening up map” during Corona….Grocery shoppers have concerns…Forget DUI, the new term is DWW (drinking while working)….ZOOM may be your next ad outlet….ZOOM fatigue is hitting us all…How to work better remotely…Two thirds of workers are now working from homeCable workers are not happy…Gaming sales grow…How Steak-umm is using Twitter…Where home services money is going…Vertical farm sales rise…Where 5G really is…T-Mobile rolls out more 5G….Netflix backs up on skipping while numbers grow….Why radio isn’t bigger…Apple and Amazon are chasing more sports…Facebook Messenger for Kids grows…Microsoft Word helps finish your sentences….IT…

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I don’t see the events, conference, or trade show industries being the same for a very long time. As a consistent attendee and participant at lots of events, for many years, and as someone who has produced large and small public and private events from as few as four people to as many as 17,000 throughout my career, the idea of people rushing back into close quarters like before, absent a cure for COVID-19 is just not working for me.

Let’s take event and conference seating and the suggested 6-foot rule. The spacing is not just in front of you…

The news of Kobe Bryant’s tragic death this morning in a helicopter crash in Calabasas has started to sink in. And, having lived through something similar in sports myself, after a few hours of reading the news accounts, I couldn’t help but think back to a dreaded fall Sunday and Monday in 1985 after the Flyers rising superstar goaltender, and fan favorite, Pelle Lindbergh, suffered fateful car crash from early that November Sunday morning. The parallels are way to similar. Hero. Family. Friends. The only difference is only Pelle died in the car crash, with two survivors.

While Pelle was…

Amazon is clearly dominating the hardware world. And, Microsoft and Google know it. That’s why Microsoft is developing Skype for the Amazon Echo and why Google is making it easy for Amazon’s Alexa to access your Gmail.

In the case of Google, it’s on Home devices can’t access your corporate Gmail as of today, but Amazon’s Alexa have been doing that since launch. This approach is all about eco-system competency, or as my colleague Bill Ryan likes to say about that, “can you play nice with others so you’re the company everyone wants to make a deal with.”

Today, that’s…

It invariably happens. You are about to do something with software or a SaaS based service that you’ve never done before and you need help. You don’t need the IT department or the IT Person to help you, as you’re smart enough to know how to read instructions.

You surf over to the help section of the product, service or app and search for your problem using the keyword search box. Up pops almost every article related to your needed solution so you page through them until what you need to know is presented. Then it only gets worse.


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It’s been a few years since Paso Robles had a Hospice du Rhone, the wine event that helped really define the region as a Rhone grape mecca in the USA. But “Hopsice” is more than just an event. It really is the result of pioneering efforts by the Haas family, and their long relationship with the Perrin’s of Beaucastel fame, bringing the region the Tablas Creek Nursery and then subsequently with the eponymously named winery Paso landed on the wine map. …

SWITCH Changes Its Name to DIALPAD. Talk About A Broadbandit

Craig Walker may quickly be finding his face on someone’s “Most Wanted List.” Given his most recent move at his GV (Google Ventures) and A16Z backed startup, he’ll possibly be thought of as the this Internet era’s Willie Sutton, Clyde Barrow or John Dillinger after what he just pulled off this weekend. That and adding Android co-founder Rich Miner to his board, further linking the company to a mobile enterprise first strategy.

Walker, the co-founder of GrandCentral, which is now known as Google Voice, as well as UberConference and…

Living in Los Angeles means home delivery is a staple for me. I use or have used a combination of Amazon Fresh, Amazon Prime Now, Google Express, FedEx, UPS, the USPS, UberEats, DoorDash, Caviar, GrubHub, Postmates, and of course, direct from the pizzeria, pasta shop, and other restaurants.

But home delivery is also about brand building, product or restaurant sampling too as it provides the experience of something new or the opportunity to continue to have something one likes without leaving the house. At the end of the day, if the experience isn’t great, the brand’s reputation suffers.

Here’s what…

Confessions of wine, tech, travel communications junkie

Well now, after all this time, you would think I’m written out..or some may say, written off. I started writing about wine online in 1985. Yes, 1985 so all you late bloomers who thought posting a wine blog was cool—take a step back and discover some older “vintage” writers who either made the jump, or jumped off.

In 2003 I started to write about all things real time connected over at VoIPWatch which you can now find at . I was doing that and still am as an offshoot to what Ken Rutkowski and I were doing with the…

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